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Our range of services.

As an experienced partner in model construction, we offer our customers at HS solutions for various industries and applications.

​Thanks to modern CAD & CAM software solutions and a constantly growing machine park consisting of 5-axis milling centers and various measuring devices, we stand by our customers even with demanding projects.

We also offer solutions for the professional post-processing of the models directly in-house or via our extensive partner network.


Partnerschaft bei HS



You are not sure which materials are best suited for your models or have questions about the feasibility of your designs? Our experienced experts in the fields of construction and model making will deal with your concerns and support you right from the project preparation.

CAD Konstruktion in Computer



Our CAD designers at HS have experience with various CAD formats and  work here in CATIA V5 and Tebis 4.1. Thanks to professional data converters, however, we can accept and work with projects in all common formats.

Steuerungseinheit von CNC Maschine



NC programming at HS is carried out in the CAM solution Tebis 4.1. Here machine failures can be avoided through a complete, virtual collision control. For the control units of our CNC machines, we rely on solutions from both Siemens  and Heidenhain .

EiMa Maschine bei HS



Our four 5-axis milling centers from the brands EiMa and PosMill form the heart of our production. We can process plastics, aluminum and all types of steel. A fully equipped in-house modelling workshop enables manual work steps.

Lackierer lackiert Automobil Teil



Would you like your models to be painted, hardened or finished in some other way? We are happy to carry out this work in our painting box directly in our house or find a suitable partner for your wishes.

Teil wird taktil gemessen


Quality Assurance

Do you need test reports in addition to your finished model? Thanks to our Faro arm with a radius of 2.7m, tactile measuring probe and scanning attachment as well as our Stiefelmayer measuring device with a measuring range of 3,000mm x 1,500mm x 2,000mm, we can create a suitable measurement report for you on request.



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projects per year


Porsche Mission R

Mission R

A fully electric vehicle for the race track. The concept car Mission R from Porsche turns the vision into reality. HS supported the project in terms of construction both on the outside and on the inside and created models of numerous components of the sports car.

Porsche Vision GT

Vision Gran Turismo

A sports car design exclusively for a video game? The Vision Gran Turismo is exactly that - only available in the video game Gran Turismo. HS supported the project in the exterior and interior (and even in the construction of a suitable helmet). A model of the Porsche VGT was also created for the Gamescom trade fair and painted on site by an artist.

Gant Schaufenster Dekoration

Shopping Window Model

Unusual shop window decoration draws attention to itself. For this reason, we at HS created an oversized shirt collar for the shop window in one-off production for the premium brand Gant.


Hans Grohe

Shower Head

Every product starts out as a model - so do Hans Grohe shower heads. The functional model made by us from transparent plastic allows the product developers to look inside when the shower is in operation.


In the last decades we have successfully completed countless projects together with our customers and partners. The spectrum ranges from the smallest individual parts to the small series production of larger components. If you would like to learn more about our experiences and projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Soft Materials

(Plastics & Aluminum)

X 3.500mm

Y 7.000mm

Z 2.000mm

Dry Machining

Hard Materials

(All kinds of steel)

X 670mm

Y 820mm

Z 600mm

Soft Materials

(Plastics & Aluminum)

X 2.500mm

Y 4.000mm

Z 1.750mm

Wet Machining

Hard Materials

(All kinds of steel)

X 670mm

Y 820mm

Z 600mm

Our machinery.

Maximum precision despite maximum model size - thanks to the latest 5-axis milling machines of the brands EiMa and PosMill, we can process a wide variety of materials both dry and wet while maintaining the smallest tolerances. Thanks to the constantly growing machine park and the partial automation of our processes, we can also offer small series in addition to individual components.

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