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Together with HS into the future.


Solar Power

At HS, sustainability begins on our own roof. The entire roof area of our new building, completed in 2014, is covered with modern solar panels. The electricity generated in this way helps us to operate our machinery as emission-free as possible.

Solarpanele auf dem Dach von HS


Sustainable Heating

When it comes to heating, we at HS also see the need for sustainability. The heating system in our building is equipped with modern heat pumps, which allow climate-friendly heating of our office and production areas.

Wärmepumpen bei HS


Social Commitment

At HS, we also take our social responsibility very seriously outside of work. For example, employees volunteer in social organizations around the world and visit them regularly.

Fabian Eppler bei sozialer Arbeit in Afrika


Waste Avoidance

In addition to the economic advantages of avoiding waste as much as possible, this is also an important aspect of ecological sustainability. Conscious handling of raw materials and packaging materials is correspondingly important to us at HS.

Aluminium Späne


Community Engagement

Whether volunteering in the fire brigade or being an active members in various clubs - our employees at HS give their full commitment beyond their professional activities. We are proud to have such a dedicated team.

Feuerwehr Schlauch



Skin color, sexual orientation, origin, religion, gender, health - all people are different. At HS we reject any form of discrimination and are happy to have a diverse network of employees and partners.

Fäuste zusammen als starke Geste

Our promise.

Always one step ahead - whether it's about innovation or sustainability, at HS we live true future orientation.

In addition to economically sustainable development, it is important to us to always keep an eye on sustainability in the areas of social commitment and environmental management. Look to a positive future together with HS.

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