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More capacity with new EiMa machine at HS

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

At HS, we always strive to offer our customers state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions. With this in mind, we are pleased to present our latest achievement to you: the newly ordered 5-axis milling center from the renowned company EiMa. This high-precision machine with a range of 3,500mm x 7,000mm x 2,000mm opens up fascinating possibilities for us in the production of components, especially for the processing of plastics and aluminium.

High precision and impressive travel:

The outstanding feature of our new EiMa 5-axis milling machine is its large range. With 3,500mm x 7,000mm x 2,000mm, we can now mill entire vehicle bodies in one piece. This allows for seamless machining and precise manufacturing of large components, resulting in significant time savings. The large travel also gives us the flexibility to process a large number of workpieces in different sizes and shapes.

Versatility in material processing:

Our new EiMa 5-axis milling machine opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of material processing. It is ideal for machining plastics and aluminium, two of the most commonly used materials in today's industry. Whether it's complex shapes, precision parts, or entire assemblies, this machine handles these challenges with ease.

The precise processing of plastics gives us the opportunity to manufacture products with excellent surface quality. This is particularly important in sectors such as the automotive industry, where aesthetics and quality play an important role. At the same time, machining aluminum enables us to produce lightweight yet strong components that are in demand in many applications.

Focus on quality and efficiency:

With the EiMa machine at HS, we rely on the highest precision and quality in production. The innovative technology and advanced control systems allow us to meet tight tolerances while maintaining a high production speed. This leads to increased efficiency and reduced throughput times, which enables us to supply our customers with high-quality products even faster.

Benefits of the new EiMa machine at HS:

The EiMa 5-axis milling machine is a milestone for HS. With its impressive travel, the precise material processing of plastics and aluminum and the focus on quality and efficiency, it opens up new possibilities for us in production. We are proud to have this innovative technology in our machine park and are confident that it will help us to better serve our customers' needs and solidify our position as a leader in the industry. The new machine is expected to be delivered in early 2024.


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